Swim suit 2018 Trends

Swim suit 2018 Trends

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Skin was definitely showing a lot during the swim wear fashion weeks. While one-piece swim suits were all the rage this fashion week, they were however way bolder as compared to the previous years. Cut-out, bold colored and lacey swim suits were a hit.

Here are some of the swimsuit trends that we are sure to witness this year:


This trend was introduced last year however it managed to stay this year around as well. Almost all designers incorporated the coveted style on the runway. Some even added tassel jewelry to take the game to another level.


Suspenders are going to be a huge hit this season. Whether the swim wear actually falls down or not, the fashion designers felt the need of adding it to the overall look. We are expecting to see a lot of fallen straps and suspenders in real life too.

String Bikinis

These were again a great hit on the runway and expected to make it to real life as well. The string bikinis are not exactly for those who love to tan but simply for those who appreciate wearing and taking off the bikini easily.


We are GLAD that this happened, we have been waiting for this trend to officially make it to the beaches. We saw stripes in both two-piece bikinis as well as one-piece. You can wear it however you want to, it is the year for stripes.

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