Crucial baby sleep tips

Crucial baby sleep tips


The "dream feed"

Many babies have trouble sleeping, an answer to this is waking them in the late evening around the 10-11pm mark and feeding, this usually helps them to rest for a longer time. Keep a dimly lit room, softly and gently lift the baby out of the cot and settle them in the usual position to take a feed, if the baby does not take it, rub the teat of the bottle along the lips, once finished put the baby back to sleep without burping.

Bedtime when they're drowsy, not asleep

Putting a baby to bed before they are asleep has its long-term benefits. For breastfeeders, this can be difficult but you can look for a gentle sleep coach as babies who fall asleep this way are more likely to soothe themselves back to sleep when they wake up in the night and not need any further nurturing. Babies get into patterns and if they tend to fall asleep when they are not in the bedroom when they wake they expect the same scenario, you to be around.

Try not to change nappies unless its necessary

Some parents feel the need for ultra-hygiene and change nappies far too often than is required. You run the risk of waking a baby up entirely when they stir. High-quality nappies and relax your diaper changing habits can help the sleep continue, if there is poop in there, then that is a different matter.

Hesitate before going into the room

Some parents are a little too hasty when the baby alarm hears a whimper, always try to wait a while before you enter the room and stimulate the baby, many times they will settle themselves especially if they don't need nurturing to sleep in the first place, if it gets louder go before it gets full-blown.

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