Get Eco-friendly Custom Lanyards Online and Support the Environment

Get Eco-friendly Custom Lanyards Online and Support the Environment

Eco-friendly is the buzzword now and if your company strongly supports it, then how about some eco-friendly lanyards? Yes, you heard it right. With everything from bags to clothes going the environment-friendly way, the lanyard is not far behind. You have a conference or an event scheduled this quarter, then worry not. The lanyards can be customized and ordered online with faster delivery and in a hassle-free way.


Choose from Four Ranges of Eco-friendly Lanyards

The eco-friendly lanyards come in four ranges. One is the plant silk lanyard that is made from the waste stem of harvested crops and the printing is available in 4 colors. The recycled pet dye sub lanyard is made from recycled bottles and is polyester in texture. Any colors of your choice can be used in preparing this lanyard. The recycled pet lanyard is again made from recycled bottles but the color option is limited to only four. The last is the bamboo fiber lanyard and this can be dyed to any color.

Custom Lanyards Online as a Corporate Gift

The eco-friendly lanyards are a perfect way to support the cause and can be gifted to participants in such environment-based events. You can avail of the custom lanyards online by having your company name and contact number printed on it. You can also use it in your own organization by handing over eco-friendly lanyards to the employees to make it known that you strongly support the cause.

Go eco-friendly and thus promote your brand.    

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