How Using 35MM Film Improves Your Photography Skills?

How Using 35MM Film Improves Your Photography Skills?

Shooting with film is popular among artists and traditionalist photographers and if you are willing to buy it you can select from one of the brands of films by Walkens house of film.

If you are new to film photography, shooting with 35mm film can improve your skills in the following ways:

• No technical burden – Using a simple automatic film camera removes the need for you to make decisions before every shot about things such as white balance, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation etc.

• By being freed from such technical decisions you can focus all of your attention on selecting a truly interesting subject and ensuring the composition is the most compelling.


Photo of fujifilm35mm colour film

• Save Time With Post Production – Shooting with the film should help you increase your ‘keep rate’, ensuring more of your images are perfect straight out of the camera. The key benefit of this is that you will have to spend less time improving your digital photographs during post-production.

• Save Yourself Some Space – Shooting digitally you can quickly start gathering thousands of poor quality photographs which will be of no use.

• But when shooting with film you’ll be taking fewer shots as it doesn't have memory space like the digital camera so your hard disk won't be full of useless content.

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