Cleaning the Pool With an Ozone Generator

Cleaning the Pool With an Ozone Generator

When you think of an ozone generator, different things will come to mind. The first is likely the controversy about using them. This is understandable, considering humans and animals can be harmed by breathing in ozone. Whenever running one in your home, you should only do it in unoccupied spaces.

However, there are other ways you can use an ozone generator as well. Normally, it’s for removing odors. Did you know that you can use them for the pool as well? The pool might not have too many odors, but the small microbes that are floating around can cause a lot of problems.

DC 911 recommends using an ozone generator for your pool. With the ozone pumping through the water, the charged oxygen molecules that are going through it will attach to those microbes and eventually kill them. While in the water, ozone won’t hurt humans or animals.

However, it will get rid of the bacteria and algae that might start growing in it. It will even kill water-based bugs like mosquitos, keeping them from growing in the water. It is a safe, easy way to cut back on the amount of chlorine that you would be using otherwise. It won’t cut the chlorine completely, but it will give you the opportunity to use less!

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