Drug Test Strips For Drug Misuse

Drug Test Strips For Drug Misuse

If You haven't discovered that the US is experiencing a verifiable epidemic when it comes to drug misuse. A CDC report last year showed that pain reliever misuse has increased 111% in the previous 5 decades.

In addition, a new Institute of Medicine report showed that over 100 million Americans are dealing with chronic pain, at a cost to the country of over $540 billion dollars a year.  Yes, that is not a typo! Twenty percent of physician office visits require a narcotic prescription. If you are looking for drug test strips then you can simply visit https://ovusmedical.com/ .

Most Physicians, when asked when they drug test their patients, say "I know that my patients, they are not selling it or deflecting it." This is a fallacy, as studies have shown that 30% of patients divert their drugs.

This means they're either selling it, giving it to somebody, or trading it for illegal substances. The culprits include young patients who one would suspect all of the way up to retired individuals seeking to supplement their social security.

Physicians should drug test their patients who they are prescribing narcotics. Drug testing provides the clinician with an objective test documenting prescription adherence. Medications in all age classes, testing will help make sure that patients Are taking their medications and additionally not abusing illicit drugs.

How Betrayed will a pain physician feel if his patient is negative for the Medications prescribed and positive for heroin and cocaine? It occurs More than you'd think!

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