Poly Bags Can Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Poly Bags Can Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Anything you might call them, poly bags are here in order to stay; and for great reason. This light weight, water resistant, and economical packaging alternative is currently the modern method to display, ship, and protect your merchandise.

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Based on their function and use there are a great number of names available (i.e. poly mailer, plastic tote, poly envelope, plastic transport envelope, poly pack, vinyl mailer, heavy duty poly bags), the list continues on and on.

Call them what you may but an increasing number of businesses are realizing the value of updating their operations to incorporate this new centric, economically sound, eco friendly poly tote option.

Businesses have made the change for a lot of reasons, with each using its own motives and goals in your mind. However there are a couple reasons they share when creating the shift and updating their performance.

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A first of several reasons is that poly bags may be completely customized and used as a platform to advertise your new (s). The packaging your merchandise is exhibited and arrives is yet another route to get your name out, and your brand recognized.

This is a massive opportunity to differentiate your brand since most firms still use bulky boxes or plain poly bags that provide no value. Packaging is the very last thing a client will notice after making a purchase, it must make a statement.

Branded packaging is a powerful advertising platform which many aren't benefiting from. Utilizing custom branded poly bags provides you with a much bigger marketing reach with no massive initiative or price range.

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